The Wonders of 3D Animation

It has been 20 big years since the first computer-generated movie – the original Toy Story was first released. The feature film was one of its kind back in 1995 and after that, there was no looking back. The progress that these animated movies have made since then are unimaginable. Be it the stories, the creativity behind the concept or the animation itself is something that cannot be compared to anything else.
The Wonders of

3D Animation

Computer scientists were the only ones who worked on computer graphics. They tried to create images in complete clarity by the 1960s. A few companies were also established to create computer graphics and casino bonus icons but none of them worked for motion pictures. Tron was a project which was the result of an experiment but terribly failed at the box office. This happened due to the troubles which came from early stages of technology. But the attempt was a brave one and we at still remember it.

IN 1979​

The First Breakthrough

In 1979, the Computer Animation Division of Lucasfilm had a real breakthrough. Edwin Catmull and Ralph Guggenheim were the originators of this breakthrough who became the future of Pixar. The Disney animator John Lasseter later decided to join the team and became one of those who produced the famous Andre and Wally B’s Luxo Jr. This was the first one-of-a-kind short animated video. The story and animation was a fresh wave of inspiration and awe in the computer graphics community.

In 1986, Steve Jobs bought Pixar from George Lucas. The ray tracing software named RenderMan came along with Pixar which is the standard for the visual effects industry. Started by Pixar Animation, every other company got on board and animations made on this software became Oscar nominees.

In 1991, after several successes in animated short movies and advertising, Pixar collaborated with Walt Disney. Tin Toy was the biggest success before this collaboration winning an Oscar. The Walt Disney Animation Studios was made and the first project was Beauty and the Beast. A system named CAPS digitally coloured parts of this best picture nominee. After a huge success, this picture was turned into a feature film.
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The World of Animated Movies

The World of Animated Movies


Disney’s Technological Advancements



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